# of Visits           Amount
Single Visit $25        
5-Day Passes (Bundle) $23 per visit      
10-Day passes (Bundle) $20 per visit
20-Day passes (Bundle) $17 per visit
50-Day passes (Bundle) $15 per visit
100-Day passes (Bundle) $13 per visit
  • All Passes do not expire, are nonrefundable, nontransferablel dogs must be checked in by 9AM
  • Any dog that has not been picked by closing will be boarded and will be charged a boarding fee for that night
  • Closed on major holidays with the exception of boarders
  • Reservations are recommended, but not required. If we reach capacity your dog may not be accepted.


Price $40 per night per dog
Prices are always the same  regardless of Holidays or Peak Season
Open Every Day 7 AM- 7 PM        24 Hour Attendant on Duty

  • 20% Discount for multiple dog from the same family sharing a suit
  • Check-In is 12 PM
  • There is no Check-In or Check-Out on a Major Holiday
  • Peak-Season is Memorial Day (Weekend) through Labor Day
  • Plus-Size kennels are limited. We reserve them for larger breeds, elderly dogs, and multiple dogs from the same family


  • Prices varies
  • The price for a full grooming for your pet depends on the actual time it takes for the grooming, as well as, the specific services requested
  • Call for rates and/or to make an appointment


  • Call for schedules and rates of group classes

4 Paws Inn 109 Aldene Road Roselle, NJ 7am to 7pm (Phone) 908-241-1870 (Fax) 908-241-5870